Choṭa Haridāsa

biographical name
one of Lord Caitanya’s intimate associates. He accepted the renounced order and was chastised for a slight indiscretion. Once Bhagavān Ācārya requested Choṭa Haridāsa to beg some good quality rice from the elderly Mādhavī-devī so that he could feed Caitanya Mahāprabhu. Mādhavī-devī was an exemplary devotee of Mahāprabhu, deeply absorbed in bhajana. When Mahāprabhu tasted the excellent quality of the rice, He inquired where it had come from. Bhagavān Ācārya explained that Choṭa Haridāsa had received it from Mādhavī-devī. Hearing this Mahāprabhu was silent. Later He informed the devotees that Choṭa Haridāsa was no longer permitted to come to Him, for He could not bear to see the face of a renunciate who freely converses with women. Choṭa Haridāsa eventually went to Prayāga and gave up his life in the Gaṅgā. Thereafter he attained the form of a Gandharva in Vaikuṇṭha. In that form he would visit Mahāprabhu every night and perform melodious kīrtana for His pleasure. Choṭa Haridāsa did not actually commit any offense; this was simply a pastime of the Lord with an unalloyed devotee to establish the sanctity of the renounced order

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